Weekly Photo Contest: May 14th - 20th: Summer Sunshine

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First of all, thank you to Benny for choosing my last week's entry! :)

As some of you may well know, "summer" in Britain could sometimes mean cloudy skies and rain. This week's entries should show some summer sunshine or how summer means to you.

Go crazy with effects/lenses, photos should be taken with an iOS device. One entry per member. Be creative.


This was taken sometime in August last year, the effect I've applied made it look like it was taken in the middle of summer ;)
Some of you have seen me post photos of this church, I'm not implying anything, I just love the architecture :p

Looking forward to your entries!

- Owie


Summer to me means taking the ferry to Seattle and walking though the famous Pike Place market. Getting fresh cut flowers. Art work. What not.
This is a picture I took yesterday on the ferry over of the Space Needle.


Summer for me is the mountains, the view of the Mediterranean sea from my window, the smell of lemon threes and fig threes. I miss the old country, my first home.
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The winner I have chosen is *drumroll* Kadelic! The photo oozes warmth that Britain badly needs. LOL

Thanks for participating guys, lovely set of photos we've got here. :)
Wow! I am honored and somewhat astonished to have won this weeks contest. I say astonished because of the quality of the other entries this week. Thanks owieh! I'll start a thread for next weeks contest as soon as I come up with a good theme.
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