Weekly Photo Contest: May 21 - May 27 Poetry In Motion

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Obviously a still photograph is just that, still. It is possible, however, for a still photo to capture the essense of motion either of its subject or of the photographer his or herself.

Your task this week, should you choose to accept it, is to submit a photo that artistically conveys a sense of motion. The contest is open to cameras on iDevices only. Any and all editing or enhancing is to be done only on the device itself with any app you see fit.

This week the winner will receive either an App Store app or Cydia tweak of their choice of up to $5. For non US residents, perhaps we can work something else out. Be creative and most of all have fun!
I can't seem to get Thomas Dolby out of my mind when I see this weeks theme. One line out of the song She Blinded Me With Science...
It's poetry in motion ....
Now I hope it's stuck in your heads as well. :D
All right y'all, only a few hours left to get your entries in for the contest! I'm going to bed (I keep odd hours due to my work schedule) and I'll be choosing the winner when I wake up later tonight.
And the winning entry goes to...Bennyboy!


With only three entries to choose from it was still difficult to choose the winner this week. I felt Benny's pic most artistically captured the essense of the theme with the blurring of the trees and power lines combined with the classic diminishing perspective element. I can almost feel the G-forces as if I'm riding shotgun (white knuckles and all ;)) as we barrel down that country road. Benny, PM me your email and your choice of prize.

Thanks to Michael and RoofMonkey for their participation, and to RoofMonkey for turning me on to the Slow Shutter app.

Alright Bennyboy, you know the drill, take us to the next contest!
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