Weekly photo contest: may 27 - June 3rd. Anything Apple

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That's right, it makes perfect sense since we all love Apple here. Get creative as always. Photos must be taken with an Apple device only and filters are allowed.
Capture Apple the best way you can and as a reward I'll forward you any $5 app of your choice.
Let's go peeps.

Thanks to kadelic for choosing my picture for last week's contest, even thou I gotta say roofmonkey's picture was impressive.
Snowtrooper Jr's reaction to being handed a new iPad


I'm not really officially entering the contest. I'm sure some clever and well photographed subject should win.
Just thought everyone might enjoy the pic...
More lucky than creative.
That was the reaction I was hoping for, but to catch it with my iPhone was fortunate.
To see and capture that look, priceless..... :D


My first Apple product was an iPod Shuffle I received as a gift in 2008. My second was an iPhone 3G I bought in January of 2009. Here is a shot of both.



Thanks to everyone that participated, you are always great.
When I think of Apple I think of enthusiasm, happy, cool, the commercial of the very first iPhone, Steve jobs walking like a mad man up on that stage getting ready to reveal the next best thing.
It's always a great surprise and it always leaves us ( most of us at least ) with an expression similar to this

Mistake or not, snowtrooper1966 you are this week's winner, congratulation :)
Send me your email address with your app of choice.
Don't forget to start the next contest :p

Thanks again everyone.
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