Weekly photo contest: week of Feb. 27 - March 04, 2012

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Possibly. It was a 70's/early 80's commercial for "Chiffon" margarine. The tag line was: "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."


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This won't count since it's not recent and I can't remember what camera I used, but I'll throw it in anyway. It's a picture of my saltwater tank that I took a couple years ago. I was into reef-keeping just as much as I'm into iPhones now. I even spent all day on the saltwater forums. lol. It was pretty cool having a little piece of the ocean in my house. It was a healthy 55 gallon tank with exceptional coral growth and the domino damsel and maroon clown even spawned a few times. Ultimately, I quit the hobby because it was time consuming and interfered with vacations.

I'm going hiking right now, so I'll get a nature picture for my real entry while I'm out there.



Okie dokie folks, here we go. Doing things just a tad different....
Honorable mention goes too Rugaby ( post # 13)
3rd place goes too Owieh (post # 33)
2nd place: MuckcityJustin (post # 18)

Drumroll please......,
1st place and winner of the $15 iTunes card is one of our Mods, Europa :D (post # 27)

Loved the framing, composition and what I think shows the best and worst of Mother Nature. The best being the end result we see now, the worst being what was required to form that lava cave.
Congrats Mindi ! I'll send you a pm with the card code tomorrow. ( at work and left it at home... Ooppss)

Don't forget, You get to choose the subject for the next contest.

A view of the moon from inside a lava cave:
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Congrats Mindi.
"forgot the card at home" translates into I spent it and have to get another one lol
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