Weird glitch

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New Member
Jun 18, 2007
i took my iPhone off sleep and went to ipod and continued playing a song that was paused from hours ago about 10 seconds int oit the song started playing in slo mo which sounded pretty cool lol but it went on for like 30 secs and i oculd even go to different parts of the song and it will still play in slo mo so then i noticed that my service just happened to drop (might be why this happened) and i changed the song and it kinda stalled and played the next song in fast motion for like 3 seconds then i paused and played and it wnet back to normal. weird huh? this happen to anyone else


New Member
Jul 4, 2007
No this hasn't happened to me. The only thing that I have experienced is when I use it with certain accessories like my Audio Link in my car, and unplug it music starts to play.