iPhone 5 Weird lines on keyboard at times?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by mfldmike, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    I've noticed horizontal rainbow colored lines at times on my keyboard. Almost like digital interference on older tv's. I've tried to take a screenshot but it doesn't show up.

    Does anyone else have this type of issue? It also doesn't show up all the time, but the two times it happened were on the AppStore password screen when downlink a new app.
  2. cmbbba

    cmbbba New Member

    I saw the same thing last night but haven't been able to replicate it again. It was like interference on a tv running across the keyboard.
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  4. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    Double post
  5. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member


    It seemed to do it when I input my Apple user and password when purchasing an app.

    Happened to me twice now...every time I try to take a screenshot it either doesn't catch it or show up on the picture.

    Happens for a second or two

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  6. alamarco

    alamarco Member

    That's weird, can you guys try taking a screenshot next time it happens? I wonder if it's a display issue or if it's an iOS bug. I haven't experienced this, but I'm interested in seeing what it looks like.
  7. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    I've tried, but it only happens for a second or two.

    I've also only noticed if on the keyboard.

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  8. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    I can replicate it if I open the AppStore and try buying something. It doesn't happen all the time, and screenshots don't capture it.

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  9. alamarco

    alamarco Member

    If a screenshot doesn't capture it, it sounds like a display issue. I would take it into an Apple Store and replicate it for them. You'll probably get a replacement.
  10. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    I initially thought the same thing, but it only does it on the Password screen in the AppStore, if it was a display issue I would think it would do it all the time.?

    This is the only thing I found wrong with the phone...I wonder if it might be some sort of scaling issue?

    I'll wait on it...I guess if something bad does happen I can contact AppleCare

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  11. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Just happen to me, only on the App Store only when I'm putting my password in. Screenshot didn't capture it. What is it?
  12. mfldmike

    mfldmike New Member

    No idea what it could be...I found a couple YouTube links that looks exactly like the issue though.

    What the...

    Any ideas????

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  13. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    I think if it was an hardware issue it wouldn't just happen when you input your password on the appStore but other places too. Let me know if you find anything on it.
  14. Misie

    Misie Member

    Mines doing the exact same thing when I type my password for the AppStore.
  15. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Just did a hard reset of the phone and its not showing the lines anymore, I tried to make them appear again but couldn't. Again I think software, but why I can't take s screenshot of it I don't get, i also had this happen on my 3GS and later disappear. I've found very little info about it everywhere, but the phone as been out only for 3 days do lets wait and see, i have no doubt that if its hardware apple will replace the phones.
  16. Kgd0630

    Kgd0630 Contributor

    Mine too! I flipped out at first, but its so rare, I guess it's ok. And like other posts, it's on the AppStore password screen.
  17. ipod

    ipod Member

    Seen it on mine about a handful of times now. probably just a glitch that the first update should resolve. Hopefully. Sounds like everyone's experiencing it. Not too worried. Good day, kids.
  18. j13edholm

    j13edholm New Member

    Same thing happened to me. I'm glad I found this site because I had forgotten that the two times it happened I was typing in my password. So perhaps its a software issue triggered when we purchase?? I have returned my unit twice already. First for a line of dead pixels down the center during video playback and the replacement was dented out of the box. When I saw these lines on the keyboard I was about to cry. Seeing this thread makes me feel better about waiting it out for an update.
  19. ednygma

    ednygma Contributor

    I notice it when i am entering a password and I shift up to caps and then switch to numbers. When I go back to alpha it is gone.
  20. OzzyMoto

    OzzyMoto New Member

    I'm getting this, also (intermittently when entering Password on the App Store).

    There are a few threads on the Apple Support Forums with a LOT of people saying they have this issue -- hopefully it can be fixed via a software update.
  21. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Now im noticing it on Instagram when I'm typing a message. So is this software or should I call apple and raise hell?

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