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Jul 17, 2007
This was made by Myself and JakeyBoy also with the help of poetic folly. So give thanks to us three for the wonderful theme.
Presenting a new way to make full background icons and The Matrix Version 1

Im sure all of you have heard of JakeyBoy's newly posted way to put in backgrounds. Heres a new way! Some of you may have said to yourselfs why have 4 sections instead of one. Well here it is basicly the whole thing is one with the exception of settings and the dock apps. With the big background we have posted load your choice in to /Applications/MobileNotes.app/icon.png and
the separate icons, Settings, Phone, Mail, Calender, Safari , and ipod in to there places. Simple. Yet effective.
Now for...
The Matrix
Pick the background in the main folder icon.png or icon1.png. Then rename it to icon.png if you need to. Put this in place of the notes "/Applications/MobileNotes.app/icon.png". Everything else goes in the place labeled. You have your carriers in your common place along with the icons, star rating, slider, dock, wallpaper, and sms notification icon. Waiting to be aproved...

If you like, please give rep points then, unfortunately im signing off so I really cant give support on this tonight, but if you go to http://www.modmyi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6971#post6971 then you can get help there.

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Jul 18, 2007
wait, since all the icons arn't in the zip file im assuming that the background file "looks" like there's an icon there when there isn't correct?