What can i do with this thing? What are the must have apps?

Nov 24, 2007
What else can i do with this thing ? whats the must have apps?

hey i was wondering what you guys think of some of the applications, Whats u guys like the best ? Whats the must have's ? in development, java, libraries, tools, utilties and such... i have a lot of apps put i'm not really sure what does what when it comes to java & modules and stuff.. i noticed when i go to some websites on my iPhone its like i'm missing a plugin(i get alittle green square were graphics are suppose to be) can i download a plugin for this? and is there any poker apps? i guess what i'm asking is what else can i do with this *****? is there a app that lets me delete music & roms from my phone?

thxs 4 the reply