What can't I do with iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jltjr, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. jltjr

    jltjr Member

    I'm a iPhone junkie and turned my GF into one as well. I'm thinking of getting her an iPad for XMass. Her old gateway laptop belongs in the Smithsonian Museum! The street lights dim in Town when she turns it on! Hehe

    I don't know much about them other than the very basic overview. What are it's limitations?

    For instance, will she be able to do OS updates to her iPhone using the iPad? Can it sync to an iPhone? Does it even have a USB port? Can she print from it? Perhaps wirelessly? Does it have any storage ability as far as loading photos and viewing?

    She really just needs the basics as far as web browsing. However it doesn't seem like it can replace a laptop altogether.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Check this website out, surprisingly they have all the features and everything else listed ;)
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  4. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    No, no, no, yes but not without work or the correct printer, yes, if you mean a card slot no if you mean load photos from itunes or camera connection kit yes.

  5. {StatuSChecKa}

    {StatuSChecKa} Contributor

    I think your looking for computer functionality. Perhaps you may want to think about a netbook or a new laptop.
    You can't just insert a USB stick into an iPad and edit a Word document..
    But, You can use a file sharing program and purchase some expensive app that will let you type a document though.
    In my opinion it can NOT fully replace a laptop.
  6. Tyger_purr

    Tyger_purr Member

    I really dont find many apps that I would consider expensive.
  7. patrickj

    patrickj Genius

    I'd agree that - for most people's usage pattern - it may not yet be a full laptop replacement. But ... if we're talking about working with Word documents (or MS Office docs in general) there are a number of good options that don't need a USB stick of any kind. There are Documents To Go and QuickOffice for close compatibility with MS Office docs - with viewing and editing capabilities for at least Word and Excel docs. The Apple iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) is their office type suite and has some good MS-compatible export formats. Office2HD lets you work with all your Google Docs - which can easily be used as a conduit for MS Office documents.

    None of these apps are in the 99 cent area, but for the good,solid productivity apps that they are I think they're more than reasonably priced.
  8. Lon

    Lon Evangelist

    You will still need a computer to sync with and get iOS updates. iPad cannot sync with the iPhone, or vice versa.
  9. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Hopefully when iOS 5's released they'll give us wireless syncing. This is a much needed feature if you ask me, I certainly shouldn't have to jailbreak to get it!
  10. jltjr

    jltjr Member

    Thanks for all the Input!
  11. xiaoa10

    xiaoa10 Guest

    OK, In fact, I think the iPad is mainly a bit and simple iPod touch, a game player or a movie player, there is no USB, no keybord, iPad can't replace a laptop. Here are more iPad info. and i mainly use it sending e-mail, watching movie, playing games, that's all.
  12. jltjr

    jltjr Member

    My GF decided to keep the IPad I got her for XMass. She decided that she can do without a new laptop for the time being. She and are Loving the new IPad! ī– I may need to get one myself when the new version comes out!

    It's the strangest thing picking up your iPhone after using the iPad for a few hours! ī—.
  13. Apple4me

    Apple4me Zealot

    Glad to hear she liked the iPad. I gave my MacBook to my daughter for college last week and haven't missed it a bit, yet. My iPad does almost everything I used my MacBook for. For now, I can live with just the iPad, I love it!
  14. leeann

    leeann Member

    It is kind of weird picking up your iPhone after the iPad. I have found that I don't use my iPhone much at all after getting an iPad. It's very much the second cousin.
  15. AeroCare

    AeroCare Zealot

    Seriously? I'm trying to decide if I should buy an iPad or go ahead and buy a MAC with the Windows emulator and have everything. I do everything on my iPhone when I'm on the road and figured the iPad is a bigger iPhone so it would be more comfortable to use but when I get home I prefer to use the laptop to write longer letters and type longer emails. I want to replace the laptop with the iPad like you did.

    Also if the iPhone won't sync with the iPad and I can't get updates without a computer then I'm still going to need a computer for that and also to save all my pictures and documents so why would I buy an iPad instead of a computer? How do you do it? How do you backup what you have on your iPad in case something breaks? If the iPad2 has a USB or an SD then that would start to change my mind a little but still how could you get around without a laptop? I don't want to have 3 things to carry when I travel (iPhone, iPad and laptop) if right now I'm doing great with just two.
  16. connie

    connie Zealot

    I love my iPad, the only issue I have is going to sites you need Flash, that always irks me.
  17. iP5

    iP5 Evangelist

    Moto Xoom looks kick ass and does flash. And IIRC you've already got a droid phone?

    Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
  18. Tyger_purr

    Tyger_purr Member

    iPad is not a complete computer replacement. You will need a computer to update the OS, but those updates are not all that frequent.
    Documents can be moved via iTunes, wifi, e-mail, or online services like Dropbox or google docs.
    Pictures can be moved on to the device with the camera connection kit and can be moved off via iTunes, wifi, e-mail, or online services such as flickr, shutterfly, facebook or photoshop.com

    I have an iPhone, iPad, and laptop.

    I backup to the laptop but if that is not available i can use the iFiles app to transfer files from iPad to iPhone and also to Dropbox or other online services.

    I usually use a car to get around without my laptop :). My laptop has not left the house since I got my iPad. Most of what i do does not require any more than the iPad is capable of.

    To give you a valid answer to your question we need to know exactly what you do with your laptop when you travel.

    Internet, e-mail - there is an app for that.
    word, excell, power point type documents - there is an app for that. If you need a real keyboard, just pick up a bluetooth keyboard and connect it as needed (I do, and I absolutly love it).
    Entertainment (games movies etc) - there is an app for that.
    Empty photos off of your camera - there is an adapter for that. The camera connection kit allows you to copy pictures from your camera or card via usb or sd card reader. As I understand it the camera connection kit's usb adapter is not a fully functional usb port so don't get too excited about the possiblities.

    Did I miss something?
  19. Skb2000

    Skb2000 Zealot

    My ipad does not replace my laptop but when I travel now, I leave the laptop at home and take the ipad (and iPhone). I love it, but you would have to put a gun to my head for me to give up my Mac. I do use the ipad when I am home when I want to use it in another room other than my studio. I read on it, look up recipes, play games, but I still go back to the Mac for important stuff.... keyboard is easier and screen is larger. However, when I travel, I can do almost all the same things on the ipad and it is easier to carry around. I can put it in my pocketbook and the battery life is great. I am glad I have both.
  20. AeroCare

    AeroCare Zealot

    Now that's a complete reply, thank you. I'll think of more later as I'm on my way out the door toward almost 30 hours of flying to the other side of the world. The only thing that comes to mind is that I keep all of my important info on a portable hard drive. If I can get access to all of that from the iPad then my decision gets easier. That's why I mentioned waiting for the iPad2 with a USB port.
  21. Tyger_purr

    Tyger_purr Member

    That one I don't know a solution for.
    If accessing these items is a critical then your needs may be better met by one of the other tablet products on the market.
    I'm not fimiliar with jailbroken devices so there may be some options there too.

    Based on the mock-ups i have seen given out to case producers, i don't see any indication that the next ipad will have a usb port.

    On the other hand we don't know what, if any, changes have been made internally that may allow the camera connection kit to work as a standard usb port..... as much as I would like that, Iā€™m not holding my breath.

    Have a safe trip.

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