What computer besides a Mac is good?


Feb 19, 2012
Manchester UK
I would definitely argue that point. ;-)

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Me too. iPad's do not beat windows machines. Simply because window machines let you watch what you want when you want. Not what Apple dictates you can watch.

On the other side iPad will more than likely last 7 times longer than a windows tablet!

Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
Since you will be getting this for Christmas, the new Windows 8 PCs, laptops, and <ahem...> tablets will be out. Actually, Windows 8 has been getting good reviews, including the tablet version.

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I have been using the consumer preview version of Windows 8 for a while now as my main Windows operating system. I used it as a secondary one at first but then decided it should be the main because it's just that good. You get the best of Windows 7 as well as extras (like the Start interface) that just give it a better experience. It's also extremely fast, smooth, and actually very secure (Microsoft Security Essentials is a must).

I'm definitely going to consider buying the official version when it comes out. I do have a MacBook Pro and have been using Macs since early 2008, but I still use Windows often because I like to play online games which aren't available for the Mac. Mac is probably my main computer for college while Windows is my home computer (Sony Vaio). I must say, Sony makes some great, reliable, and long-lasting laptops. They can definitely take a beating.