What did you sell your iPad for?


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
Starting up a new thread for people who sell their iPad and those considering selling their iPad. It asks that age old question, what did you get for your iPad? To take part, post what iPad you sold, where you sold it and what did you get for it. If you want to add why you sold it and how you got so little or so much, go for it.

Kicking off the thread with my sale of the fourth generation iPad 64GB WiFi only black. Sold it on eBay for $611 plus $15 for shipping. Why, I'm going to get a family iPad mini to hold me over until the next gen iPad 5. 64GB was also too big for me. I just don't use the space.

I had heard that auctions finishing on Sunday nights do better. My iPad was listed for $600 and didn't receive a single bid. Next day, I went to $549 on a 1-day auction. I had more watchers who became bidders and off they went.

It had a 3M screen protector installed and my photos were the same used in the review of said screen protector.
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Dec 12, 2008
I sold my 32 GB WiFi iPad 3 to my sister in early November and then I got a mini on launch day. I wanted to give her a good deal since she's family, so I gave her a couple extra charging cables and a case along with the iPad all for $300. I'm happy because I rarely used it when it was mine and she uses it every day. Since November, she's filled it up with 31 GB of photos and videos and she uses FaceTime a lot. She texted me last week and told me the camera app wouldn't open anymore since the iPad was at max capacity and she needed my help transfer the media to her PC.