What i have now.


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Jan 5, 2008

as most of you know, i've got a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic.

I couldn't find a picture of my colour on Google, so let me describe it to you.

the back of the phone and the sides are alpine white, the keyboard and the area directly around the navigation/soft/call/end keys is black as well, and the area inside of the border of the faceplate is also black.

the slider function is pretty nice - push the slider to the left, the phone screen slides to the right, and you have the Music Player. push it to the left again, the screen slides to the right again and you have the radio. similarly, if you push it to the opposite side, it just goes the opposite order - radio, music player, and back to the home screen.

Officially it has a 3G chip in it, but T-Mobile's firmware only allows GPRS :)angry::mad:) but i'm working on flashing it.
Its got a MicroSD card in it, and mine is almost full with almost all of the music i had on my iPhone - 600 odd songs.
the camera has 3.2 megapixels, and with a flash and auto/focus and video.

the screen is large, and 320*240 res.

texting is not exactly fun, but its bearable, but i have had to program in every swear, and every variation, otherwise it shows DUCK or DUCKER or DUCKING lol

getting the contacts onto it was not as much of a pain as i imagined it to be.

i simply took the contacts that i backed up from my iPhone onto my computer (did it a long time ago to stop keying in 300 contacts every time i restored as a new phone) and transferred through USB.

It even reads album artwork.

it can forward, copy and paste, and assign any tone as a ringer.

but i don't like it.
i want Apple.


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Jul 15, 2007
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Sounds like a really cool phone even if....

...you want an Apple.

Hold your breath, dude, you'll get an iPhone soon enough...


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Sep 8, 2007
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3.2 is a nice camera. You can look forward to the next version of the iPhone, Sam!