What is Jailbreaker and one more question...


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Dec 8, 2007
Houston, Tx
What the hell is jailbreaker. I have an iPhone unlocked to tmobile and iI have the 1.1.1 firmware.

another question..

Im trying to get on the net and it will not let me I have wi-fi in my apt and got on it before and just a few days ago it wont let me. my wifi is on and i connect to my wifi at my apt. and i got the the inernet and it says " safari ant open the page because it cant fin the server" what the hell does that mean and also I have tzones on my plan but it still wont let me look at the internet while im not connected to wifi? and also my batter life realli sucks could it because I leave wifi on when im not even connected? or am i not charging it long enough?

someone please help...

thanks a mil


Sep 18, 2007
Woah there, dude.

Don't go giving people your digits on some forum.

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that's exactly what i was thinking but i didn't want to post it without the answer lol

jailbroken: allows your to use third party apps etc.
unlocked: allows you to use carriers other than AT&T

also i don't know much about wifi and t-zones etc so i'm sorry in that aspect.

and i've noticed we live near eachother XD

houston FTW