What is the point of the 5gHz network on Airport Extreme?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5S' started by bballrob, Mar 10, 2014.

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    So, when I go into the settings of my Airport Extreme router via the Airport Utility app, it give me the option to setup 2 wireless networks, the main one, as well as a guest network. Additionally, it gives the option to set up a 5 gHz network under the main network.

    What is the point of the 5 gHz network and how would it differ from the other network?
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    5 GHz is a faster signal, but it is weaker and can be impeded by walls and ceilings. Therefore it may not be faster at distances or with obstructions. Older devices don't have the hardware to connect to 5 GHz.

    You can set up two networks and force devices to connect to 5 GHz, which is fine if the location and distance is good, but the easiest and best setup for most users is the default setting. It utilizes both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands on one wireless network. Wireless devices will automatically select and connect to the highest quality signal based on the capability of the device and the distance from the router.
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    Yeah I messed around with the 5GHZ option for a while based on Apple Senior Tech advice.

    Bottom line...the modem was bad and once I got a new one everything worked fine w/o using 5GHz.

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