What shows are you watching?

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
We love Last Ship. I find myself really getting into the story. They also do a pretty good job on the technical side with the military environment.
My brother recently toured the Arleigh Burke (same class ship) and met a crewman who served on the show as a crew member.


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Well, that certainly was tacky. If you happen to watch both Code Black and Chicago Med, you will soon notice (if you didn’t already) that one show apparently “borrowed” a storyline from the other.

Spoilers below, warning officially issued.

A woman is at the ER when suddenly her prostate starts acting up… Surprise, she's a transsexual.

I happened to catch it first on Chicago Med, so for me it was “innovative” and “fresh” in that episode; the story just felt ripped off when I watched it not long afterwards on Code Black.

In real life, Code Black’s take on the “borrowed” storyline aired one night prior, and both characters were played by the exact same actor (who happens to transgender in real life, too). I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

I’m not sure which was actually written first, but isn’t there some kind of rule against this in Hollywood? Or at least, isn’t it considered poor etiquette to steal another show’s exact same storyline?

Wow, guys, minus two points for lack of originality to whichever writer borrowed from the other, and/or to whomever put their stamp of approval on this.

Pure, sheer coincidence? Or a writer from Chicago Med is in bed with a writer from Code Black?


Oct 11, 2009
Way to revive a long dead forum. And forum too for that matter.

Haven’t seen the show you speak of so I can’t really comment.

As to the topic of the thread, here’s a couple shows I’ve watched lately:

Nikita — Great series. Lots of action and many twists and turns.

Longmire — never been a big fan of westerns or the like, but started watching this on a recommendation from a friend and couldn’t stop.

Quantico — I’m currently just over half way through season 1. But good show.

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Jan 24, 2018
It’s absolutely great at showing the human cost of dealing with the catastrophe and how much sacrifice it took. Thinking of the soldiers cleaning the roof, firemen responding to a threat they have no idea the extent of, the divers knowingly heading into danger because someone has to, and other similar scenes. Tense, well acted and directed. It also does a fantastic job showing how dangerous radiation is and that while still a horrifying disaster, it could have been so much worse were it not for all these sacrifices.