What to buy?


Nov 11, 2011
First let me say that I am all in with Apple. I've owned every iPhone since the 3, I currently have a 5 with exceptional battery life, an iPad Mini, an iPad 2 and an AppleTV. My next purchase will be the iPad mini retina.
For short while I owned Lenovo A1 while waiting for the iPad Mini to be released. It was the most horrible experience trying to even use it with all of the hiccups,lagging, freezing and what not. It was honestly unusable. So I sold it on eBay just before the iPad mini was released.
But I am curious. I want to purchase another Android tablet just to see what's going on with their latest tablets. After reading comments in many of the reviews, it sounds like the Android platform is still just as quirky has ever. I would've already purchased the Nexus seven but it does not have a rear camera. I must have a rear camera to make deposits to my bank.
The only real requirements are rear facing camera, Android 4 and above os, price range of 199 or less and it must be 7 inches.
Help me choose between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Nova 7 Venus, or the HP Slate 7. Of these which would run the smoothest and best? Also please make any other suggestions that I may not know about.

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