What type/size/etc. video's can I upload so they'll play from Safari?


Jun 7, 2007
Hmm... not sure where to put this question, so I guess GD is the right forum.

So... I know that some non-flash internet videos (MP4, MOV) on safari will open up in quicktime/youtube on the iPhone. Just go to certain webpages and if the video meets certain criteria (filetype, filesize, etc.) it will open up no problem. I've done it a few times.

Well, I have some videos that I want to put onto www.filefront.com so I can watch them anywhere on any iPhone. Needless to say, syncing isn't my solution since I can't get iTunes on the only computer I have access to.

Does anyone know what criteria the iPhone uses to determine if it's going to play a video from safari? I tried using www.media-convert.com to convert the videos to the H264 format. They even have a default video preset just for the iPhone. I tried making the videos real short. I tried making the file size very small. I tried other codecs. But for the life of me, I can't get them to open up. They aren't flash FLV movies either. That's why I am using filefront. Filefront just stores the files with no conversion. And you can store an unlimited amount of stuff.

And no, I can't use my computer at home and use orb since my computer at home doesn't exist.

Please help. I really need these videos.

Jul 13, 2007
The problem you are having might not have to do with the movie format but instead with how it is embedded into the website. Filefront may not embed it in a way that the iPhone is happy with.

As for formats that work with properly embedded webpages, the 3GPConverter(0.34) seems to create the proper format.
Jul 23, 2007
I don't have a link but IIRC this was from Apple site.

You can use the QuickTime Player Pro Export command and the following exporters to prepare video content for iPhone:

The Movie to MPEG-4 exporter with the following settings prepares movies for Wi-Fi.
In the H.264 video options, make sure you restrict the encoder to use the Baseline profile, and select "Faster encode (Single-pass)" encoding in the Video Options dialog.
Video settings: 900 kbit/sec, H.264, 480 x 360; frame rate: current; preserve aspect ratio using: Fit within size
Audio settings: 128 kbit, AAC-LC
.mp4 file

The Movie to 3G exporter with the following settings prepares movies for EDGE.
Video settings: 64 kbit, H.264, 176 x 144; frame rate: 10 or 15; preserve aspect ratio using: Letterbox or Crop
Audio settings: 16 kbit, AAC-LC
.3gp file