What was your phone before the iPhone?


Jul 2, 2009
Colorado, USA
Treo Pro was in my pocket before the iPhone4. All time favorite was the Treo 650. That phone was a tank. No case, no screen protector, carried in my pocket and still works to this day. But it's like me, old and slow
The 650 was a tank. Mine still works too. Don't use it any more, but can't bear to dump it.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
Before my first iPhone, I was on the RAZR V3m, crippled by Verizon's iron fist restrictions, crappy network, and horrible UI. In fact, I remember having something go wrong with my Razr while it was under warranty, and I had to hassle for about an hour in the Verizon store to replace it. The guy was clearly trained to resist replacing phones, as he acted like it was putting his job on the line to give me a replacement phone. I received a water-damaged, even more restricted version of the phone in replacement. The first one I had, I remember I could at least record a voice memo and use it as a ringtone. It wasn't the best quality, of course, but it was uniquely mine. I hated every single one of the tones Verizon put on there almost as much as the 6 Verizon logos they plastered on the phone. I couldn't use a voice memo as a ringtone with the second one. Clearly because they didn't want people recording their own ringtones. That phone is sitting in a cabinet somewhere.

I got totally spoiled by Apple's hassle-free replacements. Which is good, because I seem to have a curse - my original iPhone went dud about 6 times, my 3GS a few times, my 4 a few times (not including the one I dropped and shattered, and then dropped into the lake), and my 4S 5 times so far.


New Member
Dec 14, 2011
I had a My Touch Slider...switched to iPhone 4 last November! Love my iPhone!


Mar 14, 2012
Eastern Ohio
HTC Droid Eris. I rooted the phone and that helped to eliminate bloatware and it did help speed up the processor, I went from 550 mhz to 780 and that was a big boost. I learned lots about roms and how programs work, even built my own rom by taking roms apart and putting them together. I never tried to port anything to make it work on my phone, that would have been fun.
Anyways, got tired of the constant bugs and came to iPhone. I have the iPhone 4, ipad 2 and just got a macbook pro 8 gig ram and 750 gig hd, it has the i7 processor. Very snappy.


Nov 9, 2008
Calgary, AB

The second the iPhone came out in Canada, I switched, and have stuck with iPhone since then, getting the latest model every year. Before that happened, the above was the most popular phone you'd see anywhere.

EDIT: Well, I had an iPod Touch before the iPhone came out, because iPhone was not yet available in Canada due to carrier restrictions I think, but they were selling iPod Touches everywhere at the time, so I got one of those and carried it with my Blackberry. I used the iPod Touch way more than my Blackberry, so as soon as the iPhone 3G came out (the first iPhone to officially hit Canadian carriers), both devices were immediately discarded for the All-in-one device, which was even better because my old iPod Touch didn't even have an App Store yet! I bought it on launch day.