What's wrong with my home screen? ;)


Jan 19, 2011
NNJ and Central PA
Girdler Is your volume high when you record a video? Do you have statc and or hissing sounds when you listen to the playback of your video?

I ask because I'm on my 2nd iPhone 5 about to get a third. My first one the Mic didn't work and the video recorded no sound. The speaker didn't work because people couldnt hear me. I got it swapped out and now this one has a low volume and there is static and hissing when you playt he video back.

Is this a defect or is this how the iPhone 5 performs when recording and playing back video? Or should it be crisp, clear and loud?
Should be crisp, clear and loud! my and my wife's came in and hers seems to have the blown speaker issue too! Actually, it's sounds almost like a short as there is a high pitched "whine" coming through the speaker.