What's your iPhone story?


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Nov 24, 2007
I'm pretty sure we have all seen those commercial.. Some normal person comes up and talks about the iPhone and how it helped them out in their every day life... So I ask u guys..
What is your iPhone story?

Iv got one..
I went to my homecomming dance about a month ago. And we went eat at chilies.. I had brought an extra set of clothes so that I can get out my dress clothes after the dance.. Well we left chillies and we got to my dates school. ( in another city) and I realize I left my bag of clothes at the chilies! I freaked out and pulled out my phone. Got on maps looked up Chillies lafayette LA got the number and called.. They found it.. Held it till I got home.
Thank u iPhone !

So whats urs?


Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
I posted this in another discussion on whether or not we recommend the phone to other people but here you go again:

Back in November I looked online and found a memory card I needed for my laptop on sale. I went to the store to buy it and the store told me that it was for internet purchases only at the sale price. I walked away, pulled out my iPhone, brought up Safari, went online payed for the item with my credit card and selected for in-store pickup. Once the transaction was finished I went to the customer service counter and got my memory at the "internet" price. Saved almost $45.


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Aug 11, 2007
I have one from the other day.

My school has a website, on which there is a page for each individual class. We had this big research paper due in Chemistry the other day. The last page on the paper was a secret until the last day; the teacher didn't want us to write it until the end.

There was a very complex, specific layout for the page, and the teacher had posted the layout on the class website. He had printed it out that morning, but had forgotten it at his house. There are no computers in his room.

Somebody else in the class offered him their phone; the site couldn't be accessed from the phone, and the screen was too small to read it anyway. So I let him use the iPhone, and he copies the layout from the phone onto a piece of paper.

- John