When are we going to get some accessories?


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Jul 8, 2007
I mean honestly! I see the same gripes here on the boards all the time. "WHere's the 3g? Why did the price drop 200$? I can't text multiple people at once" etc.

While all of these points make sense, the one thing I was POSITIVE Apple would have was accessories. There are SOOOOOOOOOO many accessories for any generation of iPod it's practically sickening. Any kind of odd case fetish you may have for your iPod can be fulfilled and then some... but for some reason they are holding back on iPhone.

The two specific items I am waiting (and praying) for are these:
Video hook-up to TV
Bluetooth GPS device

I had a dell Axim x51v which is a pocket PC and was totally awesome. I sole her to make money for the iPhone. There were dozens if not hundreds of small bluetooth GPS devices that would sync up with it and give me a GPS device. It is sooo neat. Imagine iPhone with this? The devices have gotten so small you can just tuck them away anywhere. My theory is that this is on the way but Apple wants to make it PERFECT so it works with iPhone seemlessly, which is something to applauded.

What I really want is this video hook-up to TV! Standard RCA and maybe S-video or something. They had these out right after the iPod video comes out, but for some reason iPhones don't work with them.

I really want that TV hook-up because as of right now I can stream all my movies from my home computer and let's say I visit a friend out of town. I can dock my iPhone in the hook-up AND whenever me and my friends feel like we can watch ANY one of my many television and movies.

Finally, my dream of all my content anywhere will be realized. Please Apple.

P.S. list any dream items you are waiting for.


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Jul 10, 2007
Philly Burbs
Dude, the other generation iPods have been out for years, not two months like the iPhone. More accessories will come. It takes some to develop that kind of stuff. The stuff that's out now was mostly like designed by companies that had iPhones to play with before it was released. Not every company can do that or pay for that, so they're working on them now.

As for the video out, there are other threads on this, it's not supported on the iPhone right now. Maybe it'll come in a future software update, maybe it won't.



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Sep 8, 2007
I am a little disappointed about no support for external bluetooth gps pucks and stereo bluetooth headphones. I would assume Apple will get on the ball with these as soon as they have a product they can sell, like a bluetooth gps receiver or at least a monthly fee service for maps, etc.