When will shops in the UK start giving details of deals for iPhone 5?


Apr 11, 2008
what about Vodafone?Is their coverage good - I would guess so, since they are the biggest provider over here - or am I wrong?

I wouldn't trust O2 - my sister is on contract with them ever since she came to the UK - almost 5 years ago. She presumably signed a 2 year obligatory period and now they wouldn't let her change providers unless she pays. She would like to change because of hidden charges - I personally am new here and don't have a clue - but will rather trust my sister.
What? o2 is regarded as being one of the best carriers in the UK. These companies aren't allowed to throw hidden charges at you, everything is as clear as black and white. I'm not starting a row here but that's just ridiculous.

It really puts a foul taste in my mouth when people bad-mouth others things when they have next to no knowledge about them.