iPhone 5 Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by ipod, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. ipod

    ipod Member

    Are there iPhone 5 cases out there yet? Won't apple be making one of their own? Are cases available already or will any be available on release day? If so, which case are you getting?
  2. ipod

    ipod Member

    If there are any, which are you going with?

    Links, prices and anything else you wanna add would be great too. Thanks
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  4. Terry M.

    Terry M. Contributor

    Think I'll be looking at a Lifeproof this time around. Maybe. so damn sexy I don't think I wanna cover it up.
  5. ipod

    ipod Member

    Got a link for that case? I hear you about not wanting to cover it up, but you should see my iPhone 4 I did not case that thing and now it's cracked everywhere. You should see my iPhone 1st gen and iPhone 3G though, they both were cased and still look brand new. Lesson learned for me. I just want to avoid a shattered screen more so than anything. I just see cases as impact protection. id want something minimal. Like a bumper. My dad had a rare clear bumper for his iPhone 4 and it looked really good.
  6. Jill1228

    Jill1228 Member

    I have a pink lifeproof case now on my iPhone 4 and the minute they come out, I will get one for this one. I hope they have other colors besides black (I am getting a white phone this time). I want Teal or pink
  7. Jill1228

    Jill1228 Member

  8. ipod

    ipod Member

    Thanks for the link. The case looks alright I guess. Seems thin, but I'd like it better if the back was exposed. Won't there be an Apple designed case this year? Or at least a bumper like case from other manufacturers? A bumper like case is what I what I'm aiming for. If I didn't drop my phone so often then I really wouldn't care for a case.
  9. Jill1228

    Jill1228 Member

    I like the lifeproof because that bad boy is waterproof and can go through a war. I sold my Vera Bradley case I just bought
  10. jmp316

    jmp316 Evangelist

    Do a search on eBay. Last time I checked there were already 2000+ listings...
  11. trnsilver

    trnsilver Zealot

    I've had an inCase slider for every iPhone I've had but I will not be buying it again despite the fact that I like the idea so much. The plastic is just too thin and cracks too easily. This one I really want to show off so I wish I could get some type of clear but soft case.
  12. ipod

    ipod Member

    They should already just make an iPhone with glass that's shock resistant.
  13. Mthomas184

    Mthomas184 Member

    I actually ordered a clear plastic one for the time being so it shows off the awesome look of the back...eBay for 6.95 lol
  14. ipod

    ipod Member

    Link/pics pls
  15. Mthomas184

    Mthomas184 Member

  16. GSXRMike

    GSXRMike Member

    Otterbox Commuter - ~$35
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  17. ipod

    ipod Member

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  18. prott1

    prott1 Member

    I agree with you bro.... It's like a work of art... I have used the Element case for my 4S and simply love it... It's not cheap, but as you said, oh so sexy and doesn't hide the lines of the phone! The new one is called Sector... It's almost like the bumper was, but is machined out of anodized aluminum with set screws.... Bad to the bone and I can say I've dropped mine a few times and because of the way it's designed and falls no issues, and barley does any damage to the case either..

  19. prott1

    prott1 Member

  20. Zanthe

    Zanthe #apple

    I've had a bumper on my iPhone 4 and like it.

    I guess Apple will be producing this again. They must have made a lot of money on that thing (except that they had to give one to everybody free)...
  21. vladimir10

    vladimir10 New Member

    I really want a Credit Card case, have one for my iPhone 4, can't live w/o it, but can't find one yet...

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