Why do I have to use Videora Converter sometimes after using Handbrake?


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
I can't figure it out. I convert a DVD copied to the hard drive via DVD Decrypter, into a .m4v file by using Handbrake's iPhone/iPod Touch preset, but sometimes it still won't go straight into the iPhone from iTunes, it will say "The movie xyz.m4v was not sent to your iPhone because it cannot be played on this iPhone" and I'll have to convert again using Videora which generates an .mp4. Some videos are like this, not all, but the ones that do this really piss me off, since it then takes over 6 hours due to the 3-4 hour initial conversion and the 2-3 hour second conversion.

I've tried other presets in Handbrake too, including standard iPod, and also tried just manually forcing MPEG-4 encoding, and most of the time that doesn't work, so that's why I can't just have Handbrake encode straight to .mp4

All of the videos in other formats that I've converted to .mp4 with Videora work fine, so I wish there was just an easier way to go ahead and use Videora to begin with, but the process it wants me to do to convert from a DVD is too many steps to bother with. I'd much rather just do the one or two clicks to do it with Handbrake, if only it'd always spit out a file that works on the iPhone.

Any ideas?

edit: specs

2.0ghz Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2gb PC3200 @ 466mhz
32-bit Vista Ultimate
First off.. have ya tried DVD43? ( www.dvd43.com ) it will decrypt the DVD on the fly, so you don't have to rip it to the HD and THEN Handbrake it. Eliminates a step and speeds it all up a bit. :)

As for Handbrake settings, here's mine...

Use the iPhone preset:

Then change...

H.264 (ipod) to MPEG 4
No Crop to Auto Crop
Uncheck Chapter Markers box
leave average bitrate at 960
Leave everything else as is...

Once I started using these settings, I haven't had to RE-convert anything to get it on the iPhone! :D

Have fun!


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Nov 29, 2007
i use videora and love it no problems at at all