Why doesn't the original iPhone support custom ringtones?

Dec 12, 2007
Ringtones, when in the UK will we be able to have are own ringtones. We have the greatest phone ever and yet we cannot simply have are own ringtones.

Sure Apple is going to let us buy ringtones, when they decide we are worthy in the UK. But at the moment we cannot buy them from Apple, any other supplier, nor create our own.

Now I am keen to keep my iPhone as I got it, unlocked. But I can understand why others are not waiting for Apple. The the UK phone was launched they provided an update, and yet no ringtones was opened, nor simple to-do-list from iCal.

I am a partner in a creative firm and Apple has always been at the forefront of creativity, and it pains me to think they will restrict customers from creating their own tones. Surely this is what we want from the iPhone. The ability to do-it-yourself?

For me the greatest disappointment with the Super iPhone, is no To-Do-List and the lack of ringtones. Come on Apple get it together.



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Nov 16, 2007
Please share this with us. I know you can use iToner to drop ringtones from another phone onto the iPhone. But do you know how to create them from scratch. Remember the function of Ringtones in the UK has not been released yet on iTunes. We are not worthy of that yet!

unzip this and double click on the file - if you have iTunes it'll import it and then sync to your phone.