Why GPS on the iPad is Awesome

Discussion in 'iPad Cases and Accessories' started by Michael Baturin, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Call me crazy, but there is something to be said about detail on GPS systems. Maps are detailed monsters by nature. Add GPS functionality like lane assist, ****pits with speed etc, and other usefull information, and an iPhone screen gets real small, real fast.

    I recently updated my Navigon App and decided to also install it on my iPad (3rd Gen). With newly added Retina support and cool features such as google street views - i thought i would try it out. To put it lightly, it's awesome. The only problem? How the heck do you mount an iPad in your car, and would you even want to?

    After a lot of research - I found there are only a few companies (less than you can count on one hand) that offer respectable, decent quality, iPad Mounts for the driver and passenger. A few of them require drilling into your Dash (what?!) and the others generally just bolt onto the seat track. Of the 2 that I found which do that, one was an adjustable "snake" bar, the other was a carbon fiber adjustable pole. The carbon fiber seemed to be my best bet - judging by the reviews and youtube videos - so I actually dumped $100 into that.

    Here is the actual model I purchased: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/816979-REG/The_Joy_Factory_AAB109_Valet_Seat_Bolt_Mount.html

    I know it seems crazy, but with a couple of long road trips coming up (NJ to Niagra falls, Mrytle Beach, Lake George), I thought it might just be worth it.

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    Like it ! Let us know how it works out after your first trip.
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    Why did EIC censor ****pit?! :)
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    It always censors that word for a male chicken ;)
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    That just warms the ****les of my heart. I could see $108 potentially coming out of my wallet in the near future. But my iPad isn't quite as useful as my iPhone on the road yet since I don't have a data plan on it. (Unlimited or bust!) so, navigon doesn't get live traffic info, can't use Siri to read/respond to messages, etc.

    One day...unlimited will be back. Or I will find an unlimited plan for less than the $1500 they're trying to sell it for on eBay.
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    Unlimited plan $1500? Lifetime? Sounds like a lifetime lifting of $1500 from your wallet

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