Why iPhone gets REALLY hot!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JiggyMatt, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    So last night my phone was NOT plugged in, it was just sitting on my nightstand. My phone did ring a few times during the night but I didn't answer it and let it lay there. When I woke up I immediately went for the phone and I had to throw it on the bed. it was WAY to hot to even hold. And also my battery was almost dead, it was way in the red. Which is odd because it haad a full charge when i went to bed. It was hotter than ANY electronic device I had ever used! I dont understand why it got so hot!

    So i restarted the phone and it started to cool down slowly. I put it on the charger for about an hour and it stayed relatively cool. but why was the battery almost totally dead and why was it so hot?

    Has anyone experienced something similar? or know why it was burning hot and had drained the battery entirely?

  2. OJsakila

    OJsakila New Member

    when I plug it in my car and play through the radio it gets hot. Especially if the sun os shining on it too. Maybe you left it running an app or something. Doesn't sound right
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  4. hexonxonx

    hexonxonx New Member

    That shouldn't be happening, mine is never hot unless I place it on top of my Mac for a while while I am using iTunes. Even then it doesn't absorb that much heat. The phone should never be hot, maybe a bit warm from using it.
    If it happens again, I would take it in for service, especially since the battery drained that quickly.
  5. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    Mine gets fairly hot when you charge and use it.. but then again doesnt almost everything in life get hot when you charge
  6. TrippalHealicks

    TrippalHealicks New Member

    Here's what I don't understand....
    You titled this thread as it were a statement, or some explanation, and it's nothing but YOU asking US WHY it gets hot. I read your entire post, hoping to maybe get some explanation behind the "hot iPhone" issue, in case I ever run into it.
  7. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    its amazing how 1 character can change the view of everything "?" "!" lol
  8. kdarling

    kdarling New Member

    Several people on other forums have talked about their phone getting very hot.

    No one knows if it's software (runaway loop) or hardware causing it.

    The usual answer is: get it exchanged.

    In any case, just so you'll know, you're not alone.
  9. spacerog

    spacerog New Member

    The phone uses the back metal case as a way to dissipate extra heat. It should not get so hot that you can't touch it though. If your iphone (or wall charger) is burning you then return them. Here is what Aple has to say about it.


    - SR

    Hmm, anyone useing a skin have a problem with a hot iPhone?
  10. kwt

    kwt New Member

    I have only noticed mine getting warm, but never enough to be a concern.
  11. Lando B

    Lando B New Member


    I feel you on that issue man. But I honestly don't think that it has anything to with the battery. I have the 2nd generation iPhone and when I was running the 2.2.1 I had no problem with my phone getting hot. Even when I was running the 1.1.4 softwear on my 1st gen iPhone I didn't have a problem with overheating. This didn't start happening until I updated to the 3.0 softwear! My iPhone started getting really hot while I was talking on the phone or on an app. And when I charge my phone while on the phone it wouldn't charge! It would show that the battery was fully charged and it would get even hotter and drain the battery even faster! And just like you I would leave my phone next to my bed at night fully charged and the battery would be at 60% when I woke up! All this is a glitch on the 3.0 update. And I'm not the only person that is having this problem. I know 2 other people with the 2nd gen iPhone that started having this problem for the very first time since they've had their phone once the updated to 3.0. And I have a feeling that Apple doesn't want to do anything about it! I just saw a local news report today about the overheating 3G S's and all Apple had to say was not to use your iPhone so much! What a bunch of bastards, lol!!!

    So is anyone else out there with a 2nd gen having this same problem once they updated to 3.0?
  12. sarabjeetdev

    sarabjeetdev New Member

    switch off all ways iphone can connect to internet

    Switch off all ways the phone can connect to the internet, wi-fi, or cellular data. This way nothing in your phone can connect to internet without your knowledge and it will be fine. It gets hot because something in your mobile is either downloading or uploading from internet. And if wi-fi is off and only edge is on, downloading on edge heats up your phone wildly. Do it and it will be fine.

    Whenever u want to go to internet yourself, just switch on wi-fi or cellular data manually and do it and when u are done switch it off again or it will again heat up wildly.

    Let me know if this doesn't work
  13. iPhoneuser666

    iPhoneuser666 Member

    I had this problem, though not quite as severe, with my first iPhone 4 handset I bought. I was having issues with the device heating up, as well as bad microphone quality (tried calling Apple Care about the heat issue and they couldn't even hear me on the other end of the line even though I heard them perfectly so they said if I could hear them call back again), so after those two instances I made no hesitation and made the next available genius bar appt. I rushed over to the Apple Store and explained the issues to the genius bar employee, and he explained that the phone will get hot with use. I have a theory that it may be more noticeable on the 4, due to the stainless steel band. Anyhow, he was nice enough to give me a new phone, and had me sign, and I was on my way. This phone works so much better, but will still get a tad bit warm from time to time. Be sure to keep you MT bar clean, and don't run graphic intensive apps while charging. Regardless, I would advise you to take your phone in.
  14. sarabjeetdev

    sarabjeetdev New Member

    this is the only solution, even if u get it replaced, it will heat up because one of your apps is downloading or uploading something.

    just switch of cellular data and wi-fi, switch them on only when required. and all will be fine
  15. tharheeb

    tharheeb New Member

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  16. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    And this has to do with the thread subject how???

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  17. pearlieport

    pearlieport Guest

    maybe, you just over recharge It. !! that's why it gets really hot. !! so next time you should probably charge It for uhm I don't know maybe two to three hours. ? yeah thats enough !! peace :))
  18. Sonny Burnett

    Sonny Burnett Member

    All cell phones get hot. It is just a reality of the technology. Try watching an hour of video on your phone and afterward you should be able to fry and egg on it.
  19. Hondamaker

    Hondamaker Genius

    It's spam.

    This thread is 3 years old! You chuckle-heads!
  20. RoofMonkey

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    Thats why I wish the app would let us see the post dates! Rrrrgghh

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  21. Hondamaker

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    Bring it up with the boss. Maybe he can do something about it. It's a good idea.

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