Why is my jailbreak acting up?


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Sep 10, 2007
Denton, TX
Here is my situation.....

....I jailbroke my phone recently using a Mac, and began to have some minor problems with it (getting hung up in boot logo) so I restored.

Up until the restore i had no problems, and the reason I had to restore was my fault completely.

After the restore i jailbroke again, but this time I had to use a PC, because I got a new unibody mac and am unable to jailbreak using it.

The problem is, when i jailbreak with the PC everything goes through fine and the jailbreak is successful, but when i begin to install applications problems start. Here is some of my issues:

Install five dock icon: spring board crashes everytime i move icons
Install SBsettings: phone gets hung up in "restring" whenever i hide icons

these are the two main problems i've had, and I never had the problems when i jailbroke with the mac. WHY is my phone doing this? its so frustrating! PLEASE HELP! :/

EDIT: OK, so if anyone is interested in knowing (i don't want to scare anyone out of jailbreaking, because its awesome) the errors were caused completely by me.
ALSO, if you are using a mac with leopard 10.5.6 you can bypass the OS through a USB hub, its very easy!


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Mar 21, 2008
8 mile
first off, you shouldn't have upgraded to 10.5.6 on your macbook, if you hadn't all your problems would be solved. you probably should pm lincoln for a fix for this and you most likely won't have any problems anymore.

if you are too lazy for that, i would recommend going back to the PC, restoring, and then rejailbreaking to see if that helps. i really see no reason for the issues you are having other than process or user error so eliminate one of those possibilities and you have yourself your answer.