Why wont Apple update their software?

Aug 3, 2007
What is stopping Apple from adding
-Push Email
-Better Email Application
-Copy and Paste Functionality

I am currently deciding between the iPhone, and BB Storm. The iPhone would take the cake except for the list above. I feel my requests align with the most requested features. What is stoping Apple from implementing them and making the best phone on the market.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
When was the last time you stopped by and used an iPhone to check out its stock applications? I think the email client is pretty good right now. It might not have every feature in the book, but it's plenty useful and usable in my book. They have improved this since the first version of the iPhone OS. I successfuly get push email over Yahoo, and the iPhone supports push via Exchange and MobileMe

Copy/paste is on their to-do list, so it's on the way, we just don't know when.

MMS is the only uncertainty I know of out of that list. It may be a "we think email is better and you don't need this" omission a la Steve Jobs, or it may be on their to-do list.

But don't dwell on specific features that are present or missing. Think in terms of the experience you want with your phone overall.

If you like the way the iPhone presents the capabilities that it does have right now, then go with the iPhone. Apple is new in the game and is still refining their focus. Features are being added all the time, and chances are good that any request you can think of has already been brought to their attention and it may be in the pipeline.

On the other hand, if you like how the Storm works, then go for that. This is new territory for RIM as well (previously, they were all conventional smartphone style devices, with not a touchscreen in sight), so you would be an early adopter of their first touchscreen phone. Your experience with the Storm may vary greatly while they work out all the kinks with their stuff.

This is, however, an iPhone forum, so you will certainly get all favorable responses about iPhones.

Pick the experience that suits you best. For me, that's the iPhone. It just feels smoother, more thoughtfully designed, and intricate.


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Jul 17, 2007
You forgot the biggest of them all FLASH SUPPORT...


Aug 4, 2008
I'd be happy if Flash support and MMS capabilities were addressed, who knows maybe sometime in the future?