Wi-Fi and BT not working after 1.1.1 update


New Member
Aug 3, 2007
I updated my iPhone to 1.1.1 and now my WiFi and BT isn't working. I go to settings and when I see Wi-Fi it says: No Wi-Fi and it is greyed out so I cant even click it. Its the same with bluetooth.

Also when I get a phone call it doesn't vibrate or ring now...

This all worked before the update.
Sep 18, 2007
Los Angeles, Ca
I had issues with the BT after the update as well. I couldn't turn it on and the dial just kept spinning. After spending quit sometime w/tech support trying everything, turned out to be something in my backup file that wouldn't allow the BT to turn on. After doing a forced recovery restore we went into the general settings tab> reset tab>reset all settings and then tried turning on the BT and it worked fine.