Widgets inconsistent

Jan 16, 2009
It seems on my IPP that widgets, specifically Remaining Battery and Remaining Pencil Percents are hit and miss. I can pull down the notification panel and about 80% of the time these numbers are there but when they aren't they just aren't. Like today, I got a low battery 5% warning on the Pencil so I pushed it in to start its 20 minute charge to 100% (I love that!) and I have pulled down the panel but nothing there. I've restarted and even removed the batteries and readded it but to no avail.

I just checked and it works fine in portrait mode but in landscape it's a no-go. I seldom use my tablet in portrait but just thought I would check. I checked 3 times between portrait/landscape and currently it is only working on portrait for me.

This may last for half a day before it will just work again. Is it just me or is this normal?