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May 5, 2007
assuming that feature exists. Let me help. I can say with some reasonable amount of certainty that it doesn't. This would be considered a form of tethering, and you will not get tethering for the data prices that they are cooking up for the iPhone. Cingular/AT&T charges different rates for different levels of the same connectivity.
Of course I was kidding about doing this for home WiFi. But I do hope tethering becomes possible someway and sooner rather than later. I've used it with just about every other internet-enabled phone.

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Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
Those are actual internet addresses.. Honestly, my opinion is that you should pick up a router and install it before all of the computers get access to the internet. It really doesn't hinder your net access in any way. Think of it as a one way mirror, you computers can see everything on the internet, but the internet can't see them. If you need to run a service that IS visible to the internet, like a web server, or some other service for gaming or whatever, you can easily add port forwarding to enable that. You would have much better security using a router and setting your machines up with 192.168 addresses.

If you have no need for 802.11N wireless pick yourself up the Linksys WRT54G router, its a decent little unit. If its still in its factory configuration you can just point a web browser to and all of the settings are available via its build in web server. Approx $60

If you have a little extra money to burn, pick up the Apple Airport Extreme. There is a smal configuration app you run right in mac or windows which gives you access to all of the routers functionality, port forwarding, wireless password, etc. Approx $170

In either case I would suggest getting a router with a wireless connection and plug it in on the network between your cable modem and existing switch. You would have much better internet security and not have to worry about people getting access to your computers via the internet and loading viruses or worse.

I just hooked up my new wireless router in the manner you advised and it seems to be working fine. Of course, it didn't work until I RTFM and restarted everything in sequence...:)
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