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New Member
Jan 16, 2013
I have a 4s workphone and am quite used to having to re-set the WiFi password when I am prompted to re-set my work logon id etc.
However, the phone is now continually losing the WiFi logon details and passwords even when I haven't changed any settings. This means me frequently having to re-set the details for my home network, and then when I get to the office, for my office network.
Does anyone else have this problem on a phone that is only 6 months old?


Nov 20, 2012
US Midwest
I have had that happen once two years ago. All I needed to do was reset the Network Settings by going to Settings/General/Reset. Scroll down to the bottom of that screen and press the Reset button. On the Reset screen, the middle button is labeled "Reset Network Settings". Pressing that button will erase all WiFi network and logon information gathered prior to that time so you will need to re-enter it but that should be the last time unless network logons are changed by your IT manager at work, forcing you to re-enter that info again. The other possible cure would involve a "Restore From Back-Up" using iTunes.