WiFi switches to EDGE


Jul 13, 2007
Bay Area
Yes. For example, I was at my friend's house and he has Wi-Fi and he was on his MacBook surfing the net just fine. My iPhone, on the other hand, was switching back to EDGE every time I wanted to go somewhere. And it wasn't just his house, this happens everywhere I go that has Wi-Fi. It gives me the Wi-Fi icon as if it's working properly, but when I go somewhere, it goes back to the EDGE icon.
Same exact thing happens to me, it shows the WIFI signal and everything but once I goto a website on Safari, it will force me to use Edge. I know that my router is properly installed because my computer that is on the router through hardwire works and I get full bars when my iPhone reads it, it's just the fact that my iPhone won't use it, it will use Edge instead. I've had it working for about 1 month straight then all of a sudden after unplugging the router and reconnecting it, I've had this problem. I've tried everything from fully restoring, to resetting the network settings on my iPhone, to removing my WiFi Network off the iPhone, restarting my phone, and restarting the router and still it's forcing me to use Edge. I'd appreciate it if someone can help me resolve this. I use a Linksys BEFSR41 as my router and Linksys Wireless-G Access Point for the WiFi.

Edit: LMAO, I found my problem, I forgot to connect the internet cable from my router to my Wireless-G. LOL...newb


Jul 16, 2007
Edit: LMAO, I found my problem, I forgot to connect the internet cable from my router to my Wireless-G. LOL...newb
That is funny. Turns out the iPhone was doing its job: while it connected to your WiFi network OK, when it couldn't access the 'Net with it it dutifully switched to EDGE.

For others who are having this problem, make sure your iPhone really is connecting to your WiFi APs properly. Check the IP addresses it gets, try connecting to Google via IP address, etc.

I have one AP that my iPhone just doesn't like. But the symptoms with that AP are not the same as being described here: when using that AP my iPhone would not switch to EDGE. Instead it hung onto the WiFi connection till Safari errored out. I had to turn WiFi off (on the iPhone) to force it to use EDGE. But once I stopped using that AP all has been (subjectivly) fine.

The only time I get forced onto EDGE now is if the WiFi I am connected to is secured with browser authentication and I hadn't yet authenticated with Safari.

BTW: This doesn't mean the iPhone has the same WiFi performance as my laptop. I can easily reach more low signal-strength APs with my laptop than with my iPhone. That's just the nature of using WiFi on such a small device.


Crash Override

Aug 9, 2007
Everyone running the latest firmware on your routers?

I had issues with all my gaming devices connecting to my home wifi. (XBox 360, PS3, Wii) until I updated the firmware on the wireless router. The 360 was slow and the other two wouldn't connect at all until I did the firmware update. Now they all connect easily and run fast. This was before I got my iPhone, but since getting it I've had no issues getting wifi at home with my iPhone.