Will Apple Watch-inspired animated backgrounds graduate to the iPhone 6s?


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
The Apple Watch's "Motion" watch faces may soon be incorporated into the iPhone. 9to5Mac states that at least three "sources" lucky enough to have had up-close-and-personal encounters with iPhone 6s prototypes claimed that "one of the new device’s differentiators over its predecessor will likely be a spiced-up set of animated wallpapers."

So much for the non-disclosure agreements.

The article continues:

"For the new iPhone, we are told the types of motion wallpapers range from sets of animated fish from a koi pond to colorful arrays of smoke. In recent iOS 9 betas, Apple added new colorful wallpapers including colored smoke against a solid black background, and the same effect is likely to be fully animated on the iPhone 6S. Last night, a purported picture of a yet-to-be-assembled iPhone 6S Plus box surfaced on the web, and this image showed a gold koi pond fish wallpaper. Based on Apple’s internal testing of motion wallpapers, we now believe that box photo to be legitimate."
Apple painstakingly creates these wallpapers out of thousands of photographed images… in one case, as many as 24,000 photographs were taken.

It will be interesting to see if Apple restricts this feature only to the iPhone 6s and subsequent models. Personally, I would think that if the Apple Watch can handle subtle wallpaper animations, so too could the iPhone 6 and likely even the iPhone 5s.
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