Will iPhone 6 Plus bend with rear clip-on case?


New Member
Jan 22, 2008
I was originally an iPhone user and switched to the Note 2 two years ago and have been very disappointed. My contract will expire in a week and have been eager to switch back but I am very concern with the bend issue. I wear slim jeans most of the time and always keep the phone in my back pocket. I would say about half of the time I leave it there while sitting down. I don't like cases as it adds bulk and the Note 2 is as straight as an arrow. However, I am willing to get a slim rear clip-on case if I go with the iPhone Plus just to be safe. I would like to know if anyone have used these type of cases and if they have experienced any bend? Please respond only if you also keep your phone in your back pocket.

BTW please don't waste your time lecturing me about why you don't understand why a person should leave a phone in their back pocket. This is my preference. I've always done this going back to the 1st gen iPhone.