Will the magnetic Piel Frama case damage my iPhone?


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Sep 20, 2007
I've been looking for a better case than the Contour iSee which I currently own (the belt clip doesn't feel very secure, and after reading a bunch of reviews on the Apple site, it seems that it'll only be a matter of time before it pops out of the holster and goes for a 3 foot ride to the unforgiving concrete below).

I've read a bunch of reviews here and have narrowed down my choices to the Vaja iVolution Top-SP Holster, the Vaja Top Retro Dockable, the Piel Frama Snap or Magnetic Closure. The Vaja models are the best looking (in my opinion), but I'm worried that they won't protect my iPhone adequately in the event that I drop it.. On the other hand, the Piel Frama enclosure looks much more durable and protective, which is my primary concern.

So now that I've decided on the Piel Frama case, I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the Magnetic closure version, and can tell me whether it may damage my iPhone or not. I'm a bit worried that the magnets may at the very least interfere with the proximity sensor, or other circuitry, and at the worst, may cause my iPhone to malfunction or to cease working.

So if anyone can give me some advice before I put an order through, I would very much appreciate it. If I have to get the snap closure version, it's not a huge deal, I just prefer the ease of opening a magnetic flap.

Also, does anyone know if the Piel Frama cases being sold on eBay are legit? Thanks,



Jul 16, 2007
i used a case with a magnetic flap closure (one of the new vaja pouches) and it didn't seem to have any effect on my iPhone at all. (i've since switched to a vaja i-volution case, though, so can't report on any long-term effects, if any, of using the magnetic closure...)