Will you have the patience....... ?

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Jun 27, 2007
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I am hoping the European version of the iPhone will have 3G, i doubt it but one can hope. I dunno if we even have an edge network over here.:eek: Anyway still have tireless months of waiting to endure:sick:


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May 2, 2007
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Here's an excerpt from Davie Pogues iPhone review. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Pogues work, while a fine journalist, Apple has him in their back pocket. He is known to only write glowing reports about Apple products, always quick to write favorably no matter what the actual product performance is like. Never known to reveal any problems or defects. Rarely providing a fair and balanced review.

He is aligned with Steve Jobs like two peas in a pod. This is why he gets the "scoop" and the first review on Apple devices, thereby trumping the other journalists. He's known to be the "Only Journalist" at MacWorld to get a first hand look at the iPod, in a special session with Steve.

This article addresses my biggest concern about the first iPhone, and that's it inability to surf the web with the speed portrayed at MacWorld during the on stage demo. It's these "misleading tactics" that I find so distasteful. To misrepresent the product, get people all excited and revved up only to have them find out AFTER spending hundreds of dollars and more, that it does NOT work as advertised. A pure sham.

As an avid Apple enthusiast I suggest that Apple does not have to drop into the gutter, by misleading people to sell their products.

They are a better company than that. They have a history and a brand name that deserves better. They produce classy looking products. It's a shame that cannot act that way when presenting new technology. They failed using these tactics in the past, when introducing the Newton. Then a second failure when Steve Jobs introduced the Next Computer System. This time they have the snowball effect on their side as they are so incredibly successful with the iPod. It's a shame they are using this momentum in the wrong way.

If only........
If only they would have included 3G the internet experience would be as good as it is on a Blackjack. A device that has been around a long time. Made by Samsung the worlds largest maker of cell phones, "they" did not use the excuse that Apple did. They produced the product and it works. They did not wait, or cut corners, or overcharge for their product which sells for just $74.99 and provides a fast enjoyable internet experience.

Samsung could and did.
Apple could and did NOT.

Will YOU have the Patience To Wait......
for long periods of time while the iPhone loads the "real web" not the mobile web as they advertise on TV.

Will YOU have the Patience to Wait......
while wondering if it's loading, or even connecting for that matter? (note: in the article another "Sacred Apple" could not even get connected to the net.)

Why...... all because Apple gave excuses and got cheap in building the iPhone.

Why no 3G Steve? Why............?

Interesting how the Apple Zea lots have all kinds of excuses, all kinds of places to point the finger, except back at Apple for leaving out one of the most important components that would make the iPhone operate as advertised. Certainly these same people are getting out their flame throwers to attack my post here.

Solution: I can already predict the response of the Apple lemmings, Blame it on AT&T.... yeah that's it. Blame it on AT&T, they are the ones with the SLOW EDGE network.

Facts: AT&T already has the fastest internet connection via 3G.

Just the facts. Nonetheless, why confuse the Apple faithful with FACTS? It's so much easier for them to be negative and defensive. After all it Steve says it's perfect, then it's perfect. If Steve says blah, blah, blah then we say blah, blah, blah. And off we go to drop hundreds of dollars into Steve's wallet because.... well.... after all... while we hate the truth, we are lemmings and very comfy in our denial. Plus now we have a new Target to attack... AT&T, it's all their fault.

Here is an excerpt from the article and the source link:

"Only a few sacred journalists were able to get their hands on an iPhone before the release, including the New York Times' David Pogue. He accompanied his review with a funny clip showing how he got one and how he tried to keep it secret, only to get chased when someone spotted it.

The review raise some expected complaints. Surfing the Web on AT&T's Edge network is sloooooow."

First they complained that the data plans were going to be too high, then the announcement came and surprise they were shocked at how much less the data plans turned ot to be, no ring tones, no using the iTunes Library and on and on and on, 3g this and 3g that, EDGE isn't this and EDGE ain't that. After Friday the world is going to see that Apple has delivered
and very well make another big announcement on launch day that will silence the playa hatetas once and for all. So would you like some water to wash down all of the crow you're about to eat?
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Mar 2, 2007
Trippal, sounds more and more like you shouldn't be getting an iPhone.
You might be happier waiting for the next gen.
I'm still keeping the faith that they will address at least a couple of the small things with software updates.....I'd love for AT&T to get my area's EDGE network at optimal conditions, as well... I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be buying the iPhone, I just hope that I don't get stuck with it, if I just hate it. lol

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May 4, 2007

Who cares? Send it via e-mail. If someone's phone doesn't do regular e-mail, they can wait until they get on a computer to see that stupid picture you're sending them. (A software update could change this too.)

No MP3 Ringtones
No video recording? I could do this on my V400.
I really couldn't care less about ringtones to be honest, but this will probably be hacked by a 3rd party. Both of these options may end up as feature updates.

No regular headphones (pretty much forced into using painful earbuds)
The only thing different is a more recessed slot which might cause some headphones to require an adapter. Expect 3rd parties to fill this gap.

No on-screen symbols when typing (.!*$?) That's not full QWERTY.
Most phones make you go into a secondary menu to get this anyway. So the BJ gets it right... most other phones don't either. Apple may even support a landscape keyboard with the full keyboard at some point in time too.

I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be buying the iPhone, I just hope that I don't get stuck with it, if I just hate it.
So take it back within 14 days. $60/restocking fee is a lot better than being stuck with something you don't like.