Windows to Mac conversion questions


Jul 20, 2011
I wanted a MBP or a MBA but they are too much money IMO so this seems like the best value plus I can get a desktop without needing a desk (HDMI on TV).

I just have some questions if the base 4 gb of ram 2014 model will do what I need. I heard Macs are efficient and can do more with less hardware than a windows machine. I have done a lot of searching for the needs that need performance and I think it will do it but I know zero about how macs handle hardware.

1. Basic needs of email and web etc I'm not worried

2. DVD ripping & converting (I found software that is comparable to DVD shrink for windows...please recommend any apps)

3. Does Apple support VOB files? (I use a hard drive for my blue ray to play the VOB rips to not have to re-encode them)

4. itunes....with even a 2.x something, i5 and 6 gb of ram my iTunes runs like crap on my windows when downloading app updates and starting to play video files (iPad and iPhone syncing isn't bad)

This is the big one.....

5. Is the process hard of moving my data from windows to mac

6. I have 3 external HD's 2 are WD passports 1 older 1 newer and the 3rd is a laptop HD in an USB 3 enclosure....all of them are formatted for windows so how would I go about getting everything off reformatting the drives and reloading the data back on?

Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions. I can't wait to make the conversion over.