Winpwn 2.5 BETA always crashes out on me....suggestions?

Sep 19, 2008
Hi there.
Getting pretty fed up by now.....have been using (failing miserably) WinPawn 2.5 BETA on my iPhone 3g on my xp os with no luck at all.
Everything is fine up until I get the congratulations window that I have now entered DFU mode.....then the WinPawn crash window tells me that it has "encountered a problem......" I thought I had the problem susssed when I increase the partion from 500 megs up to 800 megs but still the crash and burn.
(I have been following instructions to the letter!)
I also tried ZiPhone with the same lack of success, anyone have any advice about how to get moving on this.....I would REALLY like Cydia and Installer on my iPhone but I am fast losing hope.:oops:

Much appreciated.