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Discussion in 'Themes' started by snerkler, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I have just jailbroken my iPhone and have installed numerous themes onto my phone using winterboard. However, I have found that not all the icons change to the theme, the only ones that do seem to be the icons for the apps and programs preinstalled on the phone. Is there anyway you can change it so that ALL icons change to the theme?


    Oh, and also, I have seen that you are able to change the keyboard and SMS pages etc, how is this done?
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    I can tell you how to fix your unthemed icons. Do you have a PC or Mac? It will be easy to accomplish with certain themes, such as Glaskart and Illumine, which have thousands of icons available on the internet. Other themes that are not as popular wouldn't be as easy and may even require making the icons yourself in Photoshop.

    Do you mean the SMS bubbles? If so, go to Cydia > Sections > Themes (SMS).

    Like juls said, don't try to install keyboards. They are not compatible with the 3.x FW and may cause problems.
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    Like Europa said, you may need to do some SSH or iFile work to get the icons named correctly (or even to grab missing icons from the pack). Suave is another theme with thousands of icons.

    Themed keyboards will not work on the 3.x firmware. As for SMS, you can download some in Cydia, and then use SSH to see how it's setup and you can then alter/change files as needed (i.e., if you want to create your own).
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