Won't Jailbreak? Stuck on white screen?

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Hinezy, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I'm attempting to jailbreak my iphone 3G on a Mac but am having no luck. When I get to the part when the phone goes into DFU mode my screen turns white and remains that way. The quickpwn app continues on as if there is no problem all the way through. The screen remains white for apprx. 10 minutes then shuts off. And my phone is back to normal after powering it on but not jailbroken.
    I've read of other people having this problem in other forums but I haven't found a solution. Can anyone help?
  2. PepeRB29

    PepeRB29 New Member

    if your mac is updated to OS X 10.5.6 the problem you are running into is that the mac will not recognize it in DFU mode and therefore cannot be rebooted in its jailbroken state. there is a fix for this somewhere on here, but if you have another computer to jailbreak with i would recommend doing that for the time being.
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  4. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    No I'm running 10.4.11 and my itunes and iphone are proper firmwares as well. My wife has a mac at work I may have to use.
  5. PepeRB29

    PepeRB29 New Member

  6. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    My iphone screen turns white and remains that way. I've tried your suggestions and unfortunately no luck:( I have read online that other people are having this problem I just can't find a solution.
  7. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I have now tried to Jailbreak on a different Mac where my wife works and I am still getting the same problem! If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. lukeules

    lukeules New Member

    i had this problem on my macbookpro and a couple of other macs, tried it on a windows pc and it worked first time. it sucks though cause i much prefer mac!
  9. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    When jailbreaking on a PC does it have to have iTunes and does my phone have to be synced with the PC or can I simply plug my iphone in download quickpwn and jailbreak?
  10. lukeules

    lukeules New Member

    the machine i used did not have itunes, goodluck!
  11. quilla3k

    quilla3k New Member

    white screen

    i have a white iphone 3g 16 gb but i tried to jailbreak it and once it finished and it said done then it went to a white screen and i had to restore the whoooole phone. can u help me here please??
    i used quickpwn to jailbreak it.
  12. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    I wish I could but mine still isn't working. I'm gonna try and jailbreak it on a PC tomorrow at work. I have to be careful I don't get caught!
  13. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    Finally success! The PC worked, I'm jailbroken! Anything I should be cautious about going forward?
  14. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Nope. It should be fine, now you can just sync it with your Mac. I had the same problem trying to jailbreak on my new MacBook, it wouldn't go into DFU mode. So, I jailbroke it on my PC and then sync'd it with my Mac.
  15. Hinezy

    Hinezy Contributor

    Thanks everyone for all of your help!
  16. Pauliepepuhz

    Pauliepepuhz New Member

    iPhone white screen

    When you guys took your iPhones to the store do they check warranties or serial numbers? I am gonna buy mine from ebay and I wanna take it in instead of paying 3x the amount it cost to buy the phone
  17. BazookaAce

    BazookaAce Member

    Try this:

    Set your phone to DFU-mode and then connect it to your computer. Open iTunes and restore. Now try to jailbreak it again.

    I had some problems myself with jailbreaking a couple days ago (upgraded to 2.2.1), so i set i to DFU-mode and restored it again and it worked.

    Not sure this will work, but it's worth a try i guess.

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