Would appreciate your help


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Oct 8, 2007
Hi chaps,

I'm sorry to be so completely ignorant, and I'm sure that I'll only be asking questions you've already answered, but I'd really appreciate any help you could give.

I just bought an iPhone in China, without fully understanding how the machine differs from all other phones in existence. I didn't realise, for instance, how difficult it was to download music or customise the thing, and I guess I'm lucky that I googled 1.1.1 before I started messing around with it.

1. The phone is unlocked for China Mobile (obviously) and running vers. 1.0.2 (1c28). WiFi and phone/sms both work, so it's functional.
2. I really want to be able to load up some tunes and vids, but on trying to download iTunes, it insists that I update to 1.1.1 -- which would be madness, right?
3. I'd love to be able to get the thing pimped out with NES games and so on, but I'm loathe to brick the thing as, if I do, I certainly won't be able to get another one for some weeks, if not months.

Can anyone recommend a (safe) course of action?

All the best,