Xtreme Quad Racing


Jun 7, 2009
San Antonio, TX

Xtreme Quad Racing is an AMAZING ATV/4-wheeler racing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With 5 differently themed tracks and 4 different ATVs, you will definitely feel entertained for hours with this 14.7MB game. Despite what all the reviews on iTunes say, I honestly LOVE this game. It is much better than 2XL motocross, and is much better than a lot of other racing games. There are some improvements that need to be made to this game for everyone to enjoy it.

The game’s interface is very nice. There isn’t any menu music, but that’s ok. When you tap on a button, it does take a second before it is actually registered by the game. That’s ok too. If you go into the Settings menu, you can change various sound settings and you can even calibrate your device’s accelerometer.

Back to the main menu, you can choose to start a new game, continue a current game, or just have a quick race. The new game will let you play through all the tracks with a quad of your choice. If you choose quick race, you can choose any of the 4 different quads, as well as picking a track of the 5 choices. All the tracks are beautifully detailed. Each track has its own set of scenery. One track is of a regular wet grass land, another is of a desert with palm trees, and another is of a snowy land. The other two tracks are also themed.

The first thing that I noticed when I first started actually playing the game on a track was how good the world looks on my iPhone 3G. The frame rate is very good for a game this advanced. You will be racing against 2 other competitors. When going off of a jump, gravity will take hold of you quite furiously and will bring you back down to the ground rather quickly. That was the main complaint from users on iTunes. This is going to be cleared up in the next version of the app. You must learn to brake while coming off of a jump or around a turn to avoid running into the fencing. You can do this numerous times within a race, so learn how to use the brake. To control your quad, you must use your device’s accelerometer to both steer and accelerate/brake. You must really learn how to use the brake at just the right time, or you may end up running right into a fence. If you do hit the fence, the vibrator in your iPhone will vibrate.

There isn’t anything to beat in this game; everything comes unlocked, you can quickly begin playing the game with any of the quads or on any of the tracks. This game, in my opinion, is much better than 2XL motocross. The graphics seem better, and the overall control of the vehicle is better. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is into any sort of racing sport, or for someone who wants a really good accelerometer-based 3D game.

Please, if you like this game, buy it! It's only $3.99 in the app store. We WILL be giving out promo codes soon. Until then, try out the game. You WILL love it!


Despite all the bad reviews in the App Store, this game is MUCH better once you give it a try. A new update will be coming out soon that will fix all the "complaints" that people are having.​


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Sep 7, 2007
i may have to give this one a try