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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by StevenFW, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. StevenFW

    StevenFW New Member

    In a bit of a panic here-Yahoo email had been working well enough, with a few problems that have been documented I noticed that emails that I had moved around on the iPhone to already established folders over the past 3 days ARE GONE. I know that I did not delete them, I only moved them from the inbox to other folders on my account. Of course, I tried to locate them using Yahoo mail through the web browser, and it's like they have been deleted. The folders still exist, but none of the emails from the past 3 days. I also used advanced search to see if they were anywhere, but they are not. Again, like they have been deleted. I have already sent an email to Yahoo tech support.

    1. Has anyone experienced this?

    2. Given that I KNOW these emails were never placed in trash or bulk mail/deleted, are they recoverable by tech support?

    Thanks all
  2. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    There is an option usually on the iPhone you goto advanced settings and says delete from server maybe you had that option on and it deletes the emails ??
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  4. StevenFW

    StevenFW New Member

    No, I know about this option, and left it at defualt-to never delete....I have beenthrough all of the options/ mistake on my part...the emails had already been sorted into properly long-established folders, and now they are gone!
  5. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    I know at my office we can recover emails but I know yahoo maybe can do it but them being so big might not even bother with it really
  6. rwnewton

    rwnewton New Member

    Yesterday, I experienced the same issue with Yahoo mail and lost a number of email messages from folders. Also, I could not receive any email on the iPhone even though I could see them using my laptop browser. Everything started to work by late afternoon and continues to work today. Don't know what happened and still unable to retrieve the lost messages.

    Does anyone have any insights?
  7. MotionxxUSxx

    MotionxxUSxx New Member

    looks like they are having issues. I am trying to log into the web interface on my macbook pro and I keep getting server issues. I also noticed that some emails are missing.
  8. alb0zf1n3st

    alb0zf1n3st New Member

    Maybe its just a temp problem with a server? Maybe a server down and if it goes back up the emails will be back? I dunno just my guess lol trying to have some hope for you guys..
  9. Rapidfurious

    Rapidfurious New Member

    Same problem here.

    I was tidying my inbox in Yahoo by sending emails I have already read into their respected subfolders. Voila, they are gone from both the phone and the web.

    This is very inconvenient as these emails were important. Called Apple Support and the genius told me to (surprise surprise) do a soft reset and restore my settings. After that didnt work, he told me it wasnt their fault hence its wasnt their problem. I told him it is in fact their problem because they have adopted yahoo's services onto their hardware. Guess I cant rely on the email program for now. :(
  10. fern

    fern New Member

    yahoo emails missing again and again

    Have you heard back from Yahoo tech support? I have the same problems with my Yahoo mail vanishing. I read an email on my iPhone, a couple hours later it is just missing from both places (iPhone and laptop) Its incredibly frustrating. and the Apple tech help wasn't any help at all.

  11. jacekone

    jacekone New Member

    two important emails lost

    I don't know what is going on, I lost two recent yahoo emails. In five years i lost zero, since I got iPhone two weeks ago I lost two in a month! Probably more if you count the ones I didn't care about. is there any help on the way fix this? I loved that feature about my iPhone and now turned it off as my job is more important.
  12. yeah same here, i think it was either sunday or monday, i had like 6 emails in my inbox at night, then i woke up the next morning and there was only 2 left in the inbox...i didnt eventouch them and they werent in the trash or bulk or another folder, they were just gone...luckily its something i can have sent again
  13. labied

    labied New Member

    I have just joined this forum. So Hi every one. I lost my yahoo mail from my iPod touch. My other mail are still there. The problem, I can't even reset my mail as mail in settings is blank. Any ideas please.
    Thank you in advance
  14. rourkey

    rourkey New Member

    Hi I have just joined this forum as well and I am really frustrated because the only reason I brought an iPhone was so that I could read my emails on the go. I brought the phone in April and everything has been going well until the last week or so when suddenly my emails started disappearing even thought I hadn't deleted them. I am doing a home study course and received my weeks assignments, looked at it on the iPhone and thought I would look at it on my laptop when I got home. Shock horror though when I looked on my laptop the email wasn't there and it also was no longer on my iPhone. I have now had to disable the email feature as I don't want to lose emails. I feel that I have just wasted my money as there doesn't appear to be an answer to the problem.

  15. rourkey

    rourkey New Member

    Hi I went onto the apple forum and put the same question in and I was told to delete my email account and instead of setting it back up as a yahoo email to set it up under other. I did this sent a test email Friday night and at the moment the email is still on my iphone and on my laptop so hoping this has cured the problem.

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