Yahoo mails deleted without notice


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Oct 3, 2007
This morning I try to open an email from Apple store and it crashes and jump to the next email. I go back to the mail list but can no longer find the Apple store email. Also checked deleted message folder and spam folder and it is not there -- It just disappears.

Actually I already lost some emails from friends and client. And usually I did not even notice before the email was mysteriously gone. I am really angry juts now when I find that an important email with my online shopping's receipts and tracking number is gone. (Gz i did not even look at that email through my iPhone yet) . :mad:Anyone else has this problem? How do you deal with it? Thanks!
Jul 17, 2007
Midwest US
Yes, this happened to me also. But only when I arranged emails into subfolders on the phone. I also notice certain emails that are unread disappear and reappear.

I called Apple and they said it was Yahoo!'s problem (which is typical as my experience with Apples customer service shows them to be very subpar). Couldn't call Yahoo! b/c there is no phone support for free accounts.

To solve, I have just stopped subfoldering until Im on my laptop.