Yay! Everything went smooth as silk


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Mar 17, 2007
We (wife and I) were about the 20th person in line. There were about 30 store employees at the Apple store. More employees than customers at any given time. Within 10 mins of getting in the store we were out again. Loaded the kids in the car and headed home.

My phone activation went off without a hitch. Maybe 5 mins. Wife's phone was the same. Now we're just waiting for all the audio, pics and stuff to finish syncing.

AH! What a long six months. But it's over! We got our iPhones! :laugh2:


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Jun 25, 2007
Same here in Colorado. I got there (Denver) around 2:00 PM and was about 70th person in line. Once the doors opened I was in the store 20 min and got my 8 GB iPhone. Came home and activated in less then 2 mins! (I was an existing customer and only needed to add the data plan.)

So far, everything it says it does it does...