yet another iPhone video capture program


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Jan 6, 2008
this one seems to record vids at unlimited length if you donate. other ones only record a few seconds right? why is video capture not enabled in Apples new firmware?


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Aug 6, 2007
Theres actually a great post on mmi regarding this application. Apparently Drunknbass, the guy responsible for bringing video recording to the iPhone originally, is accusing iDuncan of creating Showtime using privy information he took as a team-member of the Delicioius Monster project that is set to bring us Video Recording the 15th of this month.

DrunknBass is really firing with all his cannons and iDuncan is dodging and weaving with users taking sides like "I support DnB." Get some popcorn and head over to:

Some interesting points

1) DrunknBass is with the Delicious Monster team, the ones chosen to head the official Apple SDK

2) iDuncan is the author of Search for the iPhone, a widely used and revered utility for searching your contacts, calendars etc.

3) DrunknBass does not have any applications up other than LightsOut, which is a collaboration. Everything he has mentioned up to this point is vaporware aside from the video application we saw a few weeks ago. Despite this, there are Donation links throughout his launch posts and site pages.


The page above points to our own Timan's post which brings DnB's donation scheme to light.

4) iDuncan denies any wrong doing, and states his code is new from the ground up. iDuncan does not have the clout that DnB does, however iDuncan has more software that works actually available sans donations.


So, who to believe? The guy who got backing buy Apple? Or the guy who actually has software in distribution?


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Jul 3, 2007
Salinas, Ca
damm i just read all of that... this is interesting, but i font think that when it does, Apple should sell the video camera feature


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Jun 13, 2007
Am I the only person who thinks Apple may just be drip-feeding features until they've weeded out all the jailbreaking and network unlocking methods? They were just putting on the impression of giving a crap about the homebrew stuff to please At&t but now I think they really don't want it around so they can take a cut off the top as soon as commissioned third party software comes out.

Video recording should have been there from the off, it's shameful. Other phones have had it for years now, even the budget ones. Nokia had no trouble releasing an update to allow video on the 7650 and that would have had a much older and crappier camera module. These firmware updates seem so few and far between and they seem far more concerned with patching jailbreak exploits than they do adding features.

Reading, 7650 was released in the 2nd quarter of 2002, so that's nearly six years ago Nokia had video on their phones. Apple should get a bloody move on if they want to get attention away from the new N95.