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Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by lowrider911, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. lowrider911

    lowrider911 New Member

    Well hi everyone!! ..

    Like the subject says... Lets just share our 10 favorite applications ..

    Starting from the 10th and going down to No. 1 ..

    State reasons if possible! :)

    so lets c it!!
  2. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    I guess I will go first. I am only listing 3rd party apps from the App Store, since I am not jailbroken:
    10) Here I am ( I use this to email directions to my friends with iPhones)
    9) Fring
    8) Speed Dial (1,2,3 and 4) Speed Dials from the Springboard
    7) Motion X GPS Lite
    6) GPS-R GPS tool with location reminders. If you get near say Block Buster, it will remind you to return the movies you rented if you program it to.
    5) Billy Frontier
    4) Air Share
    3) Weather Bug - decent and fairly accurate, but the advisories with no description are a pain
    2) Jaadu saved my ass a couple times being able to remote into my home PC
    1) Crash Nitro Kart- great time waster, no matter how often I use it.
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  4. failsafe

    failsafe New Member

    10. Katra Weather (JB)- more of a theme than an app.
    9. Units- conversion on the fly comes in handy for my job
    8. Status Notifier (JB)
    7. Ambiance
    6. Trace- great free game, no reason not to have this one
    5. Path Tracker- like to know exactly how far I've gone when walking the dogs
    4. Shazam
    3. Sol Free- probably my #1 time waster
    2. BossPrefs (JB)
    1. QuickGold (JB)
  5. acosmichippo

    acosmichippo Genius

    10) BofA mobile banking (appstore)
    9) Evernote (appstore)
    8) Showtimes (appstore)
    7) Blackjack 21 (appstore)
    6) Scrobbled (cydia)
    5) iPhone Modem (cydia)
    4) Remote (appstore)
    3) (appstore)
    2) Winterboard (cydia)
    1) Pandora (appstore)

    I really only ever use the top 6, though.
  6. jaeguyoon

    jaeguyoon New Member

    Camerabag (appstore)
    AIM (appstore)
    PDANET (cydia)
    Airshare (appstore)
    Facebook (appstore)
    cycorder (cydia)
    12c Lite (appstore)
    Midomi (appstore)
    BoA (appstore)
    Lightsaber (appstore)
  7. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    1) WinterBoard (Cydia)
    2) Pandora (AppStore)
    3) Cycorder (Cydia)
    4) Lock Widgets (Me)
    5) Things (AppStore)
    6) Tris (AppStore)
    7) Jaadu (AppStore)
    8) Remote (AppStore)
    9) TTR (AppStore)
    10) Facebook (AppStore)
  8. RossEM

    RossEM New Member

    I have to update my top 10 as ive changed some things... some key things on my iPhone today. and looking at this list... in no particular order... only Jaadu, BeeJive and Orb are from the app store. To me, jailbreaking is a no brainer.

    SB Settings
    Jaadu VNC
    Status Notifier
  9. jsntrenkler

    jsntrenkler Zealot

    10. Easy Writer (Appstore) - Love the landscape emails
    9. SplashID (Appstore) - I love having my junk organized.
    8. Facebook (Appstore) - What can I say, I network alot.
    7. Whitepages (Appstore) - Brilliant little free app, works well (Even has reverse lookup)
    6. Todo (Appstore) - This is the Appigo version that syncs with RTM and Toodledo
    5. Holy Bible (Appstore) - Gotta have the greatest book ever written with me.
    4. Sportstacular (Appstore) - Probably the best realtime sports resource for iPhone
    3. I.TV (Appstore) - I use this program everyday, love the TV Guide + Movie Trailors
    2. Billy Frontier (Appstore) - I love this shooter, play it all the time
    1. Pandora (Appstore) - When I am not using my phone, this is almost always playing in the background.

    --- Now I should do a top 10 of my favorite cydia apps ...
  10. miggs1310

    miggs1310 Member

    10.)fuzzyshot - photo blogger thing (free)

    9.)flick fishing - cool fishing game ($.99)

    8.)now playing - great app for movie times, theatres, trailers, etc.. (free)

    7.)jellycar - hilarious and fun little game (free)

    6.)wordle - challenging word game (free)

    5.)sportacular - best sports app (free)

    4.)simplify media - listen to music from your pc on your iphone, cool and works well (free)

    3.)the weather channel - new weather app, very nice, even has video forecasts for your area that are updated every 30 min, best weather app IMO...and I've tried almost all of them (free)

    2.)iWeathr - this is actually a web app. animated radars, lots of them. reflectivity, rainfall, velocity, aviation weather, lightning strikes, satellite radar, tropical weather. If you like weather radars you have to get this. I think I got it from (free)

    1.) is a tie between: Bank of America - I always have an eye on my money, lol. (free)
    SayWho - voice dialer (free)

    chord play, rjdj album, ocarina, everest, rsoccer09, bugdom, billy frontier, flipbook, espn camera man, etc... those are all really good apps too
  11. clearwaterphin

    clearwaterphin New Member

    10) Idicto-Recording app(appstore)
    9) Remote (appstore)
    8) Fake Calls-Gets me out of boring meetings..MUST HAVE APP,LOL (appstore)
    7) Tideapp-Great for fishing or checking the beach tides(appstore)
    6) Beacon-Find your car App (appstore)
    5) Say Who-Speed DIaler (appstore)
    4) Remote (appstore)
    3) Sharam-Tells you the name of a song and the artist (appstore)
    2) Pandora (appstore)
    1) Ultimate Easy Relax-I sleep about 4 hours an evening,this has helped me get more.... sometimes...(appstore)
  12. basicxman

    basicxman Guest

    10. Sudoku
    9. Mobile Fotos
    8. MindWave
    7. Air Sharing
    6. Sketches
    5. Texas Hold 'em
    4. Moto Chaser
    3. Spore Origins
    2. Crash Nitro
    1. Trism :p
  13. SikShift

    SikShift Zealot

    1. BofA Mobile (App Store)
    2. Things (App Store)
    3. BeejiveIM (App Store)
    4. MxTube (Cydia)
    5. Now Playing (App Store)
    6. I.TV (App Store)
    7. Air Sharing (App Store)
    8. SSH Toggle (Cydia)
    9. Shazam (App Store)
    10.Pandora (App Store)
  14. lahaye7

    lahaye7 Member

    no real order:
    Now playing
    LED football
    easy writer
  15. radmonkeyx

    radmonkeyx New Member

    all app store:
    1. Sportacular
    2. The Weather Channel
    3. Flick Bowling
    4. I.TV
    5. Trace - almost completed though
    6. 21 Pro
    7. Holy Bible
    8. Splash ID
    9. Now Playing
    10. Shazam

    At Bat was number during basball season, now it doe not even make the list. I wish the NFL would come out with something like this
  16. cliffeman

    cliffeman Zealot

    Air Sharing

    In no particular order.
  17. jparris1

    jparris1 New Member

    THis changes for me constantly but at this moment I would say:

    1. Saisuke
    2. Favorator
    3. Google Mobile App
    4. SearchDial
    5. Grocery IQ
    6. ToDo
    7. eReader
    8. aSleep
    9. Pandora
    10. PasswordWallet
  18. glsda

    glsda Zealot

    Arco Bible NAS
    Constitution of the United States
    Declaration of Independence
    easy writer
    gotta go
    If found please
    Say Who
    mylite Flash Light
  19. JFN

    JFN Member


    1. WHO------------------Best voice dial on any phone Ive had
    2. Bankarama----------Just want the balance
    3. Yelp
    5. Google--------------------great voice search
    7. Geocsching
    8.Air Sharing
    9. The weather channel
    10 Maps

    But not in order of rating 1-10
  20. up10ad

    up10ad Genius

    Top 8 ...

    1. Splash ID
    2. Google Mobile search
    3. Pano great panoramic photo stitcher
    4. 12-C Lite best RPN calulator
    5. iSSH great telnet app I use for remote router work
    6. Who auto-dial
    7. MotionX GPS Lite
    8. Shazam song recognition
  21. richardya

    richardya Member

    Pacman Lite

    Web Portal
    NY Times

    NYC Subways
    Pro Football
    White Pages


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