your mobile IP address can be traced?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JiggyMatt, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    I frequently use an online mass text website to send friends prank text messages. Its called Does anyone know if these can be traced back to you via your IP address through the EDGE network? I never use it on wifi cause I know that is traced but does anyone know if you can be traced via edge? My guess is that ATT would protect the privacy of its customers unless its a legal matter and information is subpeona'd (sp?) by law enforcemt. Also, do you think text4free dot net can even track the owner of a cell phone via the IP used by our iPhone? My guess is that they can see the IP and tell that its a cell phone but would have no authority to retreive infrmation about the customer from ATT due to the privacy policy.

    I'm not doing anything illegal, I just don't want anyone to be able definitively determine that's its me sending the pranks.

    Any ATT employees here that can answer this? Law enforcement personell? IT workers or IP address gurus?

    As usual, thanks in advance!
  2. stevetim

    stevetim New Member

    If I were pranking 'friends', as you say, online, I would want my friends to know it was me to start with. Why? Then they would not have a reason to think that they NEED to get law enforcement involved because some anonymous person is harassing them.

    Are you a stalker or something?;)

    But, probably not traceable by private parties, by legal means.
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  4. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    like i said it is nothing illegal im just curious. I send them texts like " you won a ps3 call 1800 328 3425 to redeem your prize" and then they call and its a gay sex hotline. Just silly stuff like that. The legal question and tracing aspect of my question slash post is pure curiosity. Anyone else have any comments or suggestions?
  5. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    A co-worker of mine tried that same crap and our HR/IT departments were able to track him down, no problem. The creep was fired.
  6. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    ya I bet he did get caught. But he was on LAN or WAN and also at work! I'm talking about personal use via EDGE and nothing else. Any more thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
  7. MaineWriter

    MaineWriter New Member

    Oh hardy har har this is so funny...NOT. If you were doing this to me you'd be on my ex-friends list pretty fast.

  8. RchGrav

    RchGrav New Member

    If you notice when you load or each time you refresh you will be at a different IP address. Maybe the iPhone is running through some kind of proxy, or that is just the nature of EDGE. But since it is different each time I would imagine it would be hard to trace, try it and see!
  9. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    He was sending text messages using his carrier's network and my point was, they can be traced. That was the question, wasn't it?
  10. JiggyMatt

    JiggyMatt New Member

    Oh I see. I didnt know he was using via cell phone. From the info I got on here it must have been pretty hard to trace unless he was using a work provided cell phone to send the messages via Internet. Can you confirm if the cell phone was company issued?
  11. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    It was not a company issued cell phone but he was "misbehaving" on company property during working hours. I can't be sure but I suspect that our IT guys worked with the cell phone company to trace the messages back to the originating cell phone.
  12. erroneous

    erroneous New Member


    You're the "shock Jock" of everything iPhone.

    Or maybe a Rush junior.

    You're having too much fun in-sighting conflict, and drama
    into the armchair viewing public of the afflicted iPhone User community.

    Don't be ashamed, be paranoid.

    "Say what?"

    If you were really a pro, you'd never reveal you're up to something.

    Now you've got the brilliant, experienced, and shear technologically
    challenged looking at how they might figure out who you are
    via this site.

    How much attention do you need on a daily basis?


    I suppose there's a few here that might help you get away with
    being a prankster.

    I agree with the underlying consensus posted here so far.

    Pretty funny. (Ha... Ha.. )

    Not for your friends though.
    (And who would subscribe to your friendship network knowing
    this trait about you?)

  13. HELPmepLox

    HELPmepLox New Member

    har har its not your fault i quess you just need better friends, if your so call friends right now are actually dialing back those number what r theythinking
  14. arothman

    arothman New Member

    I've had my bank kick me off the site because my IP changed mid-session. I think your IP changes depending on which cell towers are nearby when you're using Edge.
  15. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    If his behavior in person is anything like it is on this forum, I doubt he has too many friends anyway :)
  16. gerstyd

    gerstyd New Member

    Aren't you the same guy that wanted to know if you could erase certain texts because you didn't want your girlfriend to find out you are texting an X? Sure you aren't doing anything illegal...stalker. (=

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